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Stop Power of Sale, Foreclosure and Eviction

If you are facing a power of sale or foreclosure we can provide help and information regarding the process.

Notice of Default- this is the first step in the power of sale or foreclosure process. A notice of default can be served to the homeowner once the mortgage is in default for longer than 15 days. The notice can be sent by the mortgage lender or the lender’s lawyer.

Notice of Sale – the notice of sale is the second step in the legal process. It is telling the homeowner that a certain amount of money must be paid by a certain date.

Statement of Claim – the statement of claim will give a breakdown of the total amount owed and inform the homeowner that they have 20 days to respond to the claim.

Writ of Possession – the writ is a notice to the homeowner that the lender will send a request to the sheriff to evict any occupants of the property.

A power of sale or foreclosure is the legal process where a lender tries to recover any outstanding money loan against the property. As a homeowner in Whitby you should look into all options available to stop a power of sale, foreclosure or eviction.

There are many reasons why a person could be power of sale. In any case a power of sale is a serious legal action on the part of the mortgage lender and one that requires the immediate attention of the property owner. If the homeowner waits too long it may be too late to stop an eviction.

Free Help and Advice to Stop Whitby Power of Sale, Foreclosure and Eviction

We provide Free help and advice to stop power of sale and foreclosures. Once the homeowner is evicted from the home it becomes very difficult to refinance the house or even sell the home. Don’t risk losing more equity in your home as significant fees both legal and other, will continue to add up while you are in the power of sale situation. Call for free help and advice.

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