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Eviction Stopped Help Sheriff’s Notice

The eviction process is one of the worst experiences that can happen to any homeowner. In some situations the homeowner does not even know that a sheriff’s eviction is scheduled until the sheriff actually knocks at the front door. If you are about to be evicted call right now for FREE advice on how to handle the eviction. In some cases we can stop the sheriffs eviction notice within 24 hours. We can explain the rights that you have as a homeowner and what to expect during the eviction procedure.

The sheriff’s office is required to serve each property with an Eviction Notice prior to the eviction date. The notice is usually sent a couple of weeks before the eviction.

The best way to stop an eviction is to pay off your existing lender by getting a new mortgage. Our experience mortgage brokers can arrange a new mortgage in as little as 24 hours. Our brokers can also provide access to a lawyer to answer any legal problems that may come up.

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